Quantum Spectre


Use mirrors, lenses, and more to guide laser beams through mazes to reach colored targets in this scientifically accurate and wildly cool laser game.

Quantum Spectre is a puzzle-style game. Each level requires the player to direct one or more laser beams to targets while (potentially) avoiding obstacles. Extra moves create spectres that haunt the puzzle, player, and game.

When the appropriate color laser beam(s) have reached all the targets, a level is complete. An inventory provides the player with access to resources, including flat and curved mirrors, lenses, filters, beam-splitters, and more, that can be placed and oriented within each level and that interact with and direct the laser beams in a scientifically accurate manner.

Level Builders

Soon, if things go the way we’re planning, players will be able to create their own puzzles and share them with a community, challenging other players to complete, rate, comment on, and even build further from them. That means players aren’t just consumers, they are also makers of the game!


We are using Quantum Spectre to test our assumption that we will be able to measure the development of players’ tacit understanding of the science concepts infused into successful game play. We expect to see that as a player hones in-game play strategies we will see improvements in understanding of basic optics concepts. We are also developing and exploring visualizations of how different players move through the puzzles and what this can tell us—and potentially teachers and players—about what is and isn’t being understood.