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Teacher Appreciation Week Comes Early

Teacher Appreciation Week doesn’t officially start until May 5, but EdGE is celebrating a little early this year. Teachers have been part of our process throughout the entire Leveling Up project, providing us with design feedback, helping us with student playtesting, and now as part of our implementation research study.… More »


Data-Intensive Research

For the last few years, all the buzz has been about Big Data. And we have joined the bandwagon. The data mining tools that Amazon and the NSA use to track every move we make (queue Sting 1983) are ripe with opportunities to understand learners’ activities that could contribute to… More »


What the Robin Knows

  Ravenous gets set to launch, I’ve been finishing up a book I started called What the Robin Knows – How Birds Reveal the Secrets of the Natural World (http://whattherobinknows.com/) by Jon Young. It’s a book about how, if we pay attention to bird’s “deep language” and behavior, we will… More »